19 April 2008

Three years ago ... right about now

Three years ago (Tuesday 19 April 2005), at about 5.50pm (Rome time; 10.50am US Central time), Catholics in Rome and around the world were surprized to see white smoke appearing from the chimney from the Sistine Chapel.

Just under an hour later, Pope Benedict XVI was introduced to the world.

Ad Multos Annos!

14 April 2008

96 Years Ago ... Just About Now

The great and grand ocean liner called the Titanic, on her maiden voyage, struck an iceberg. A few hours she was gone ... taking with her more than 1,500 lives.

06 April 2008

USA Anniversaries - April 2008

If folks are interested, I'll try to post these each month. All the birthdays are listed, but only "major" anniversaries (i.e., ends in 0 or 5) are included.
  • 92/5th - Bishop Albert Henry Ottenweller; Emeritus of Steubenville, OH
  • 84/5th - Bishop Thaddeus Joseph Jakubowski; Auxiliary Emeritus of Chicago, IL
  • 83/16th - Bishop Anthony Edward Pevec; Auxiliary Emeritus of Cleveland, OH
  • 81/2nd - Archbishop Rembert George Weakland O.S.B.; Emeritus of Milwaukee, WI
  • 81/13th - Bishop William Henry Bullock; Emeritus of Madison, WI
  • 79/14th - Bishop Jude Speyrer; Emeritus of Lake Charles, LA
  • 78/1st - Bishop Francis Joseph Gossman; Emeritus of Raleigh, NC
  • 77/30th - Bishop Eugene John Gerber; Emeritus of Wichita, KS
  • 76/2nd - Edward Michael Cardinal Egan; Archbishop of New York, NY
  • 76/8th - Bishop Alexander James Quinn; Auxiliary of Cleveland, OH
  • 76/29th - Bishop John Martin Dougherty; Auxiliary of Scranton, PA
  • 75/25th - Bishop Philip Francis Straling; Emeritus of Reno, NV
  • 73/19th - Justin Francis Cardinal Rigali; Archbishop of Philadelphia, PA
  • 73/25th - Bishop John Kevin Boland; Savannah, GA
  • 70/20th - Archbishop Daniel Mark Buechlein O.S.B.; Indianapolis, IN
  • 69/8th - Archbishop Edwin Frederick O'Brien; Baltimore, MD
  • 66/10th - Bishop John Stephen Knight; Auxiliary Emeritus of Toronto, ON
  • 66/15th - Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo; Richmond, VA
  • 66/22nd - Bishop Ronald Paul Herzog; Alexandria, LA
  • 66/23rd - Bishop Ronald Michael Gilmore; Dodge City, KS
  • 66/25th - Bishop Gerald Thomas Walsh; Auxiliary of New York, NY
  • 65/3rd - Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa; El Paso, TX
  • 64/18th - Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli; Paterson, NJ
  • 63/13th - Bishop Donald Edmond Pelotte S.S.S.; Gallup, NM
  • 61/24th - Bishop Richard John Garcia; Monterey in California, CA
  • 60/1st - Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin; Providence, RI
  • 60/18th - Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Perry; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL
  • 57/10th - Bishop Earl Alfred Boyea, Jr.; Lansing, MI
  • 56/20th - Bishop Robert Francis Hennessey; Auxiliary of Boston, MA
  • 55/2nd - Bishop Robert William Finn; Kansas City-Saint Joseph, MO
  • 54/13th - Bishop Michael Owen Jackels; Wichita, KS
  • 44/27th - Bishop Daniel Fernandez Torres; Auxiliary of San Juan de Puerto Rico

Ordination to the Priesthood:
  • 50 yrs/12th - Archbishop James Patrick Keleher; Emeritus of Kansas City in Kansas, KS
  • 30 yrs/1st - Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci; Auxiliary of Rockville Centre, NY
  • 30 yrs/29th - Bishop-elect Michael Gerard Duca; Bishop-elect of Shreveport, LA

Consecration as a Bishop:
  • 35 yrs/3rd - Bishop Joseph Leopold Imesch; Emeritus of Joliet in Illinois, IL
  • 35 yrs/27th - Bishop Raymond William Lessard; Emeritus of Savannah, GA
  • 35 yrs/27th - Bishop Anthony Francis Mestice; Auxiliary Emeritus of New York, NY
  • 30 yrs/20th - Archbishop Eusebius Joseph Beltran; Oklahoma City, OK
  • 25 yrs/7th - Bishop David Arias P‚rez O.A.R.; Auxiliary Emeritus of Newark, NJ
  • 20 yrs/11th - Bishop John Robert Gorman; Auxiliary Emeritus of Chicago, IL
  • 20 yrs/11th - Bishop Thaddeus Joseph Jakubowski; Auxiliary Emeritus of Chicago, IL
  • 20 yrs/12th - Bishop Paul Stephen Loverde; Arlington, VA
  • 5 yrs/22th - Bishop Roger Paul Morin; Auxiliary of New Orleans, LA

Ad Multos Annos!