15 March 2008

Fr. Michael J. McGivney, founder of Knights of Columbus

Today the Holy Father promulgated a decree of Heroic Virtue for Fr. Michael J. McGivney. Among other things he was the founder of the Knights of Columbus fraternal order.

This is one of the early steps in the process which might lead to a formal Beatification or Canonization.

07 March 2008

USA Anniversaries - March 2008

If folks are interested, I'll try to post these each month. All the birthdays are listed, but only "major" anniversaries (i.e., ends in 0 or 5) are included.
(number of years/day in March 2008)
  • 89/8th - Bishop Patrick Vincent Ahern; Auxiliary Emeritus of New York
  • 89/21st - Bishop Timothy Joseph Lyne; Auxiliary Emeritus of Chicago, IL
  • 86/10th - Bishop Patrick Joseph Thomas Sheridan; Auxiliary Emeritus of New York
  • 81/13th - Bishop Dominic Anthony Marconi; Auxiliary Emeritus of Newark, NJ
  • 80/3rd - Bishop John Stephen Cummins; Emeritus of Oakland, CA
  • 79/28th - Archbishop John Raphael Quinn; Emeritus of San Francisco, CA
  • 78/18th - Adam Joseph Cardinal Maida; Detroit, MI
  • 78/23rd - Bishop Joseph Michael Sullivan; Auxiliary Emeritus of Brooklyn, NY
  • 77/4th - William Henry Cardinal Keeler; Emeritus of Baltimore, MD
  • 77/22nd - Bishop Robert William Donnelly; Auxiliary Emeritus of Toledo, OH
  • 75/2nd - Bishop Arthur Nicholas Tafoya; Pueblo, CO
  • 75/15th - Bishop Edward Peter Cullen; Allentown, PA
  • 74/2nd - Bishop William Stephen Skylstad; Spokane, WA
  • 74/10th - Bishop Patrick Ronald Cooney; Gaylord, MI
  • 74/20th - Archbishop Robert Fortune Sanchez; Emeritus of Santa Fe, NM
  • 71/26th - Bishop Roger William Gries, O.S.B.; Auxiliary of Cleveland, OH
  • 70/4th - Bishop Sam Gallip Jacobs; Houma-Thibodaux, LA
  • 69/27th - Bishop Lawrence Eugene Brandt; Greensburg, PA
  • 68/8th - Bishop Denis James Madden; Auxiliary of Baltimore, MD
  • 67/7th - Bishop Roger Paul Morin; Auxiliary of New Orleans, LA
  • 67/14th - Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Hermiz Jammo; Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego (Chaldean)
  • 66/3rd - Bishop Richard Stephen Seminack; Saint Nicolas of Chicago (Ukrainian)
  • 65/6th - Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro; Auxiliary of New York
  • 63/4th - Bishop Michael John Sheridan; Colorado Springs
  • 63/17th - Bishop Dennis Joseph Sullivan; Auxiliary of New York
  • 62/19th - Bishop Richard Joseph Malone; Portland, ME
  • 61/3rd - Bishop Daniel Robert Jenky, C.S.C.; Peoria, IL
  • 61/18th - Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt; Coadjutor of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN
  • 61/26th - Bishop Richard Gerard Lennon; Cleveland, OH
  • 59/12th - Bishop Jerome Edward Listecki; La Crosse, WI
  • 59/19th - Bishop Blase Joseph Cupich; Rapid City, SD
  • 59/27th - Bishop Thomas John Rodi; Biloxi, MS
  • 58/9th - Bishop Frank Joseph Dewane; Venice, FL
  • 51/3rd - Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis; Charlotte, NC
  • 49/29th - Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano; Auxiliary of Brooklyn, NY

Ordination to the Priesthood:
  • 65/27th - Bishop Arthur Joseph O'Neill; Emeritus of Rockford, IL
  • 45/25th - Bishop Robert Mikhail Moskal; Saint Josaphat in Parma (Ukrainian)
  • 45/30th - Bishop Anthony Joseph O’Connell; Emeritus of Palm Beach, FL
  • 45/30th - Bishop Daniel Francis Walsh; Santa Rosa in CA
  • 45/30th - Bishop Robert Joseph Hermann; Auxiliary of Saint Louis, MO
  • 40/9th - Bishop Richard Brendan Higgins; Auxiliary of USA Military

Consecration as a Bishop:
  • 30/2nd - Bishop Kenneth Donald Steiner; Auxiliary of Portland in OR
  • 30/9th - Bishop George Otto Wirz; Auxiliary Emeritus of Madison, WI
  • 30/13th - Bishop Thomas Joseph Costello; Auxiliary Emeritus of Syracuse, NY
  • 20/8th - Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo; Richmond, VA
  • 20/25th - Bishop Raymond James Boland; Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, MO
  • 15/4th - Bishop Charles Michael Jarrell; Lafayette, LA
  • 15/10th - Bishop James Anthony Tamayo; Laredo, TX
  • 10/3rd - Bishop Gordon Dunlap Bennett, S.J.; Emeritus of Mandeville, Jamaica (born in Denver, Co)
  • 10/19th - Archbishop James Michael Harvey; Prefect of the Prefecture of the Papal Household (born in Milwaukee, WI)
  • 5/7th - Bishop Joseph Nunzio Latino; Jackson, MS
  • 5/19th - Consecrated in the same ceremony:
    • Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S.; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL
    • Bishop Francis Joseph Kane; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL
    • Bishop Thomas John Joseph Paprocki; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL

The following are scheduled to be consecrated as bishops this month:
  • 27th - Bishop-elect Gerald Nicholas Dino; Van Nuys (Ruthenian)
  • 29th - Archbishop-elect Joseph Marino; Apostolic Nuncio to Bangladesh (born in Birmingham, AL)
  • 31st - Bishop-elect James Vann Johnston, Jr.; Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

Ad Multos Annos!