07 March 2008

USA Anniversaries - March 2008

If folks are interested, I'll try to post these each month. All the birthdays are listed, but only "major" anniversaries (i.e., ends in 0 or 5) are included.
(number of years/day in March 2008)
  • 89/8th - Bishop Patrick Vincent Ahern; Auxiliary Emeritus of New York
  • 89/21st - Bishop Timothy Joseph Lyne; Auxiliary Emeritus of Chicago, IL
  • 86/10th - Bishop Patrick Joseph Thomas Sheridan; Auxiliary Emeritus of New York
  • 81/13th - Bishop Dominic Anthony Marconi; Auxiliary Emeritus of Newark, NJ
  • 80/3rd - Bishop John Stephen Cummins; Emeritus of Oakland, CA
  • 79/28th - Archbishop John Raphael Quinn; Emeritus of San Francisco, CA
  • 78/18th - Adam Joseph Cardinal Maida; Detroit, MI
  • 78/23rd - Bishop Joseph Michael Sullivan; Auxiliary Emeritus of Brooklyn, NY
  • 77/4th - William Henry Cardinal Keeler; Emeritus of Baltimore, MD
  • 77/22nd - Bishop Robert William Donnelly; Auxiliary Emeritus of Toledo, OH
  • 75/2nd - Bishop Arthur Nicholas Tafoya; Pueblo, CO
  • 75/15th - Bishop Edward Peter Cullen; Allentown, PA
  • 74/2nd - Bishop William Stephen Skylstad; Spokane, WA
  • 74/10th - Bishop Patrick Ronald Cooney; Gaylord, MI
  • 74/20th - Archbishop Robert Fortune Sanchez; Emeritus of Santa Fe, NM
  • 71/26th - Bishop Roger William Gries, O.S.B.; Auxiliary of Cleveland, OH
  • 70/4th - Bishop Sam Gallip Jacobs; Houma-Thibodaux, LA
  • 69/27th - Bishop Lawrence Eugene Brandt; Greensburg, PA
  • 68/8th - Bishop Denis James Madden; Auxiliary of Baltimore, MD
  • 67/7th - Bishop Roger Paul Morin; Auxiliary of New Orleans, LA
  • 67/14th - Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Hermiz Jammo; Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego (Chaldean)
  • 66/3rd - Bishop Richard Stephen Seminack; Saint Nicolas of Chicago (Ukrainian)
  • 65/6th - Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro; Auxiliary of New York
  • 63/4th - Bishop Michael John Sheridan; Colorado Springs
  • 63/17th - Bishop Dennis Joseph Sullivan; Auxiliary of New York
  • 62/19th - Bishop Richard Joseph Malone; Portland, ME
  • 61/3rd - Bishop Daniel Robert Jenky, C.S.C.; Peoria, IL
  • 61/18th - Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt; Coadjutor of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN
  • 61/26th - Bishop Richard Gerard Lennon; Cleveland, OH
  • 59/12th - Bishop Jerome Edward Listecki; La Crosse, WI
  • 59/19th - Bishop Blase Joseph Cupich; Rapid City, SD
  • 59/27th - Bishop Thomas John Rodi; Biloxi, MS
  • 58/9th - Bishop Frank Joseph Dewane; Venice, FL
  • 51/3rd - Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis; Charlotte, NC
  • 49/29th - Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano; Auxiliary of Brooklyn, NY

Ordination to the Priesthood:
  • 65/27th - Bishop Arthur Joseph O'Neill; Emeritus of Rockford, IL
  • 45/25th - Bishop Robert Mikhail Moskal; Saint Josaphat in Parma (Ukrainian)
  • 45/30th - Bishop Anthony Joseph O’Connell; Emeritus of Palm Beach, FL
  • 45/30th - Bishop Daniel Francis Walsh; Santa Rosa in CA
  • 45/30th - Bishop Robert Joseph Hermann; Auxiliary of Saint Louis, MO
  • 40/9th - Bishop Richard Brendan Higgins; Auxiliary of USA Military

Consecration as a Bishop:
  • 30/2nd - Bishop Kenneth Donald Steiner; Auxiliary of Portland in OR
  • 30/9th - Bishop George Otto Wirz; Auxiliary Emeritus of Madison, WI
  • 30/13th - Bishop Thomas Joseph Costello; Auxiliary Emeritus of Syracuse, NY
  • 20/8th - Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo; Richmond, VA
  • 20/25th - Bishop Raymond James Boland; Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, MO
  • 15/4th - Bishop Charles Michael Jarrell; Lafayette, LA
  • 15/10th - Bishop James Anthony Tamayo; Laredo, TX
  • 10/3rd - Bishop Gordon Dunlap Bennett, S.J.; Emeritus of Mandeville, Jamaica (born in Denver, Co)
  • 10/19th - Archbishop James Michael Harvey; Prefect of the Prefecture of the Papal Household (born in Milwaukee, WI)
  • 5/7th - Bishop Joseph Nunzio Latino; Jackson, MS
  • 5/19th - Consecrated in the same ceremony:
    • Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S.; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL
    • Bishop Francis Joseph Kane; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL
    • Bishop Thomas John Joseph Paprocki; Auxiliary of Chicago, IL

The following are scheduled to be consecrated as bishops this month:
  • 27th - Bishop-elect Gerald Nicholas Dino; Van Nuys (Ruthenian)
  • 29th - Archbishop-elect Joseph Marino; Apostolic Nuncio to Bangladesh (born in Birmingham, AL)
  • 31st - Bishop-elect James Vann Johnston, Jr.; Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

Ad Multos Annos!
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