05 May 2008

Hexena - The Upside-Down Novena

I dislike the idea of moving "Holy Days of Obligation" (what a horrid term, but that's another topic) to the following Sunday for many reasons. But this week is perhaps the best argument against the practice.

When the Ascension of Our Lord is celebrated on Thursday, the origin of the Novena shines through. It is the 9 days the Apostles gathered in prayer after Our Lord ascended, culminating in the glorious Pentecost.

But now, in many dioceses, the 9 days of prayer have been turned upside down so that only 6 remain. And so we have the "modern" novena (perhaps "lazy novena" is a better term). I suppose "hexena" is an even better term.

Anyway, its just one more example of how seemingly minor liturgical fluidity is subtly obliterating our great Catholic heritage.

The truly sad part is that most don't even realize the treasures we are abandoning.
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