07 March 2009

The Haughty Health Care Conspiracy?

It seems that the Democrat controlled US Congress and President Obama have set their sights on Catholic Hospitals.

Through various means such as FOCA and reviewing the conscience clause, they seem to be moving toward forcing all hospitals to perform abortions.

Now the political leadership of the US isn't stupid - they know of the incredible benefits that the Catholic Hospitals across the country provide - often in some of the most under served areas of the inner cities all over the country.

They also know that a Catholic Hospital, if it is required to provide abortion "services", must cease to be. It would have to either close its doors or destroy its own soul.

No doubt a few would apostacize, some would sell out to a non-Catholic entity (if they could find a buyer), a few more would find a way to spin the situation to find a tortured excuse for providing murder as a "service", but the vast majority would simply close.

The net result is that many folks in the poorest areas would be without a good nearby source for medical care.

So if the political leadership knows these things, why are they still considering the issue?

Of course it has the side benefit (from their perspective) of allowing the media to portray the Catholic Church as a great evil for pulling their hospitals from the inner cities. And no doubt the main stream media would conviently forget to mention (except perhaps in passing) the real reason behind the closures.

I can already see the hour long news specials lauding those "courageous" hospitals that apostacized and demonizing those evil men (i.e., those bishops with a backbone) that forced the other hospitals to close.

But that's just a side show.

Is abortion so vital to their mindset that it's better to lose the whole hospital than to permit a pro-life health care provider?

Perhaps ... but let us also consider the possibility that there might be a larger plan at work.

The Democrat leadership in the Congress and President Obama have also both indicated their desire to revamp the health care system in the USA. They want the federal government to be substantially in charge of the system.

So how would one go about a federal take over of the health care system?

One of the tried and proven methods is to have a "crisis" - it allows massive federal take overs to seem justified by the current circumstances ... and once the feds have taken over ...

Well, as they say, possession is 9 tenths of the law.

So how would one go about provoking a crisis in the health care system?

What if hundreds of hospitals that served the neediest areas of the country - often the inner city - were to close forever in a short period of time?

Yep, that would be a crisis. It would leave the main stream media in an uproar. There would be calls for quick assistance from the Federal Government...

So how would we get hundreds of hospitals in the poorest areas across the USA to suddenly close?

Oh that's right ... that's how this whole post got started.

Now, I don't know if the political leadership really had thought this through, or whether it would be (for them) just a "happy coincidence".

But I do know that Satan is very sly ... and that we must always beware of his plans.

So please, pray for our bishops, our political leaders, and our country. Pray for those that need and those that provide health care services.

But because we are in this world, we also need to fight for what is right - and that means opposing any move whatsoever that would force a doctor or a hospital to provide murder as a "service".
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