06 August 2009

Pre-Pope John Paul II Bishops

Bishop Joseph Willy Romélus (of Jérémie, Haïti) recently retired after 32 years of service in that post - he had been named by Pope Paul VI on 26 Apr 1977.

Which brings up the question: How many active bishops were appointed to their current post before Pope John Paul II became Pope?

The answer is Forty One (now 36) ordinaries and Six (now 5) auxiliary bishops.

The ordinaries are: (Date of Appointment, Date of Birth, Name, Title)
and the Auxiliaries:
Bishop Francis Hong Yong-ho was named by Pope Pius XII. Although he is still officially listed as "missing" it seems unlikely that he remains alive.

Bishop Joseph Dao was named by Pope John Paul I.

All of the others were named by Pope Paul VI.

You'll notice that many of them are at or near the retirement age. Before they do retire, let us take a moment to thank them for their many years of service!

Note: the original list accidentally excluded several bishops whose jurisdictions had either changed names or were elevated while they have been the ordinary.

(revised 14 Nov 2009)
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