04 July 2011

10 Oldest Modern Popes

First, let me note that this analysis is based on only the last 74 Popes (from Pope Celestine V in the late 13th century through today).

Curiously the list of the 10 oldest includes at least one entry for each century covered (with the exception of the 13th, but only 6 years of that century were covered with this data).

Leo XIII93.4190320th
John XXII90133414th
Gregory XII90141715th
Clement XII87.8174018th
Clement X86.0167617th
Pius IX85.7187819th
Innocent XII85.5170017th
John Paul II84.9200521st
Benedict XVI84.2(current)
Gregory XIII83.3158516th

Pope Benedict XVI is currently #9 on the list and will pass Pope John Paul II (#8) at the end of next February.

FYI, the full list can be found here.
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