02 September 2023

Corel Paradox - Fresh Install Notes

When you do a fresh install of Corel Paradox (part of WordPerfect Office Professional 2021) it has an interesting, if not useful, feature that is also installed. Namely "PdxRegCl" - which stands for Paradox Registry Key Cleaner.

It does what you expect - clears all of the registry settings related to Paradox. In real life, I can't imagine a need for this outside of developers, and certainly not every single time the computer is restarted.

Simply deleting the utility or renaming it will not fix the issue, it will auto re-install when Paradox is opened.

The fix is to start Task Manager, go to Startup, and disable PdxRegCl. See the image below.

With a new install, you might also be interested in my post about the printing bug and its fix.

(Note: this was a fresh install on Windows 11 Pro (release 22h2))

Corel Paradox Printing Bug Fix

I just recently did a new install of Corel Paradox (no really!) and ran into an old bug that is not well documented on the web. 

After a fresh install, the version shows as (file pdxwin32.exe shows that version and a date of 10 Mar 2010). 

The bug is simple, try to print anything in the application and it immediately crashes. 

The good news is there is a fix, although it can be difficult to find. 

Here is the current location (https://www.wordperfect.com/en/support/updates/#wpo-x5) 

It is called "Paradox Hot Fix 1" (or "Paradox Runtime Hot Fix 1" if using the Runtime version). 

Note that after installing the patch, the version and date of Paradox does not change - so there is no easy way to tell if the patch is installed other than it no longer crashes on print.

FYI, Corel Paradox (developed by Borland) is available as part of WordPerfect Office Professional 2021 but sadly is not included in the Demo version. There have not been any changes to Paradox itself in many years - the hot fix is dated 2010!

However, I am happy to report it installs fine on Windows 11 Pro (release 22h2).

01 August 2023

Cardinal Njue as Cardinal-Elector

In a previous post, we had discussed when a Cardinal loses the right to vote in a Conclave. In brief, it depends on when a Cardinal reaches the age of 80.

We have an unusual situation with John Cardinal Njue, Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi, Kenya, and Cardinal-Priest of Preziosissimo Sangue di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo. In his case, we only know the year in which he was born (1944) - but not the month nor day.

So when does he reach the age of 80?

In my opinion, in fairness to Cardinal Njue, one must treat him as if he was born on the last day of the year 1944 - thus losing his vote on 1 Jan 2025 (see the above linked post for details).

I note that on the Vatican website, there is a List of Cardinals in order of Age and on that list his birth date is listed as "31-12-1944" but the bios to which it links only gives the year of birth. This would seem to suggest they agree with my view.

God willing, the need for a Conclave in 2024 will not occur and complete clarification of the issue will not be neccessary.

19 July 2023

Retirement of the Last Pope Paul VI Bishop

The last Bishop that was appointed to their current post by Pope Paul VI retired today.

Bishop Gilbert Guillaume Marie-Jean Aubry of Saint-Denis-de-La Réunion was named on 20 Nov 1975 by Pope Paul VI. He was born 10 May 1942 (thus age 81 at his retirement).

11 July 2023

Cardinal Stats and Charts, Summer 2023 (includes Cardinal-Designates)

This posts assumes that there are no deaths among the current Cardinals or the Cardinal-Designates.

As of today (11 Jul 2023), there are be 222 Living Cardinals with 121 eligible to vote in a conclave when that should become necessary.

The average age of the Cardinals is 79.0 and the average of the electors is 72.6 years old.

The average length of service as a Cardinal is 12.0 years, 8.5 years if only considering electors.

After the next Consistory to Create Cardinals on 30 Sep 2023, there will be: 243 Living Cardinals with 137 eligible to vote in a conclave when that should become necessary.

The average age of the Cardinals will be 78.2 and the average of the electors is 71.6 years old.

The average length of service as a Cardinal will be 11.2 years, 7.5 years if only considering electors.

The youngest two Cardinals are (the only ones under 50):The latter is one of the Cardinal-Designates.

The oldest Cardinal is Alexandre do Nascimento (Archbishop Emeritus of Luanda, Angola) who is 98.4.

Note a list of the oldest and youngest dozen Cardinals can be found on the main site.

I've posted an updated version of the Cardinal Charts (warning: PDF format).

The charts are:
  • Number of Cardinals (1585-2033; 1915-2033; and 1965-2033)
  • Average Age (1585-2033; 1915-2033; and 1965-2033)

Cardinals Turning 80

WhenCardinal Electors
After New137
End of 2023132
End of 2024120
End of 2025106
End of 2026100
End of 202787
(the table assumes no deaths nor new Cardinal Electors)

Cardinal-Electors as Percent of the College

With the introduction of the age limit for Cardinals to vote in a conclave, the percent of Cardinals eligible to vote had been trending downward. However, it has rebounded a bit in the recent times with the deaths of a number of the elderly Cardinals and a significant number of new creations.

Today, 54.1% are Electors. At the lowest point, it was 51.7% (before the November 2016 Consistory). After the Consistory, 56.4% will be Electors.

Assuming no Cardinal deaths and no new creations, on 11 Oct 2024, Cardinal-Electors will fall below 50% (121 of 243) for the first time ever.

Given that deaths of non-Electors are more likely, the dates will likely be later than those given above.

Age Limit and 120 Limit on Voting Cardinals

There is a technical limit of 120 voting Cardinals, but it has frequently been exceeded and by every Pope since it was established.

Currently there are 121 voting Cardinals. After the new Consistory, it will be 137. Assuming no deaths and no new Cardinals creations, the number will back to 120 voting Cardinals on 25 Dec 2024.

(See this link for more information on this topic)

09 July 2023

Some Notes on the New Cardinal-Designates

One of the new Cardinal-Designates (full list here) will become the 4th oldest living Cardinal: Father Luis Pascual Dri, O.F.M. Cap. (Age 96.4).

Five of the new Cardinal-Designates will be on the list of the youngest dozen after the consistory:
(all ages are their ages at the time of the announcement)

Of the 21, nine have an accent in their name.

Two are current Apostolic Nuncios, although given their ages, they are likely to retire this year.