11 February 2014

Pre Pope John Paul II Bishops, updated

Today (11 Feb 2014) two bishops retired that had been named to those posts by then Pope Paul VI. They were: Bishop Sebastian Koto Khoarai, O.M.I. of Bishop of Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho and Bishop Howard James Hubbard of Bishop of Albany, New York, USA.

So the question: How many active bishops were appointed to their current post before Pope John Paul II became Pope?

The answer is only 9 6. (updated 2 Nov 2014)

The ordinaries are: (Date of Appointment, Date of Birth, Age on 2 Nov 2014, Name, Title)
There are no longer any Auxiliary Bishops that meet the criteria. The last one retired in January 2012.

All of them were named by Pope Paul VI.

You'll notice that many of them are at or near the retirement age. Before they do retire, let us take a moment to thank them for their many years of service!
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