27 February 2014

The Status of Sydney (updated!)

On Monday, George Cardinal Pell was named as the first Prefect (head) of a new Vatican office: the Secretariat for the Economy. He will actually take up the post toward the end of March.

What has been left quite unclear is whether Cardinal Pell remains as Archbishop of Sydney.

The announcement itself does not use the language which is customary when the newly named is leaving their previous post. In addition on that day, Cardinal Pell sent a letter to the staff in Sydney and he signed it "Archbishop of Sydney".

Various news outlets have had conflicting reports.

The Apostolic Nuncio (Archbishop Paul Gallagher) has indicated that Sydney is not currently vacant (reported in the Parramatta Sun on 26 Feb).

And yet the Sydney Archdiocese has announced the naming of an Administrator on 27 Feb.

So at this point I have to say that I do not know for certain if Sydney is vacant. I will continue to list Cardinal Pell as the Archbishop until there is a clear official statement.
Update: the nunciature today released as statement that settles the matter. It reads, in part:
"...appointed as Apostolic Administrator "Sede Vacante" of the Archdiocese of Sydney..."
There can only be an Ap. Admin. "Sede Vacante" if the see is in fact vacant. Thus Cardinal Pell is now Archbishop Emeritus of Sydney.
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