02 January 2012

Overview: III (NJ, PA) & IV (DC, DE, MD, VA, VI, WV)

Region III (NJ, PA)

This province is composed of the metropolitan, Newark, and its four suffragan dioceses: Camden, Metuchen, Paterson, and Trenton.

The ordinaries are: Archbishop Myers (70), Bishop Galante (73), Bishop Bootkoski (71), Bishop Serratelli (67), and Bishop O'Connell (56).

Newark has four auxiliaries, Bishops Cruz (58), da Cunha (54), Donato (71), and Flesey (69).

This year, Archbishop Myers will celebrate 25 years as a bishop (in September), Bishop Galante will celebrate 20 years as a bishop (in December) and Bishop Bootkoski 15 years (in September).

Bishops da Cunha is at an age and length of service where he would likely be considered for other roles.

The next likely retirement will be Bishop Galante in mid-2013.

Philadelphia is the metropolitan with seven suffragan dioceses, namely: Allentown, Altoona-Johnstown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Scranton.

The ordinaries are: Archbishop Chaput (67), Bishop Barres (51), Bishop Bartchak (57), Bishop Trautman (75), Bishop Brandt (72), Bishop McFadden (64), Bishop Zubik (62), and Bishop Bambera (55), respectively.

There are four auxiliaries in Philadephia: Bishops Fitzgerald (63), McIntyre (48), Senior (51), and Thomas (52).

There is another auxiliary in Pittsburgh: Bishop Waltersheid (55).

Bishop Zubik celebrates 15 years as a bishop in April.

Bishop Trautman reached the normal retirement age last summer, and will likely retire and have his replacement named this year.

Except for those, no other changes seem likely for this province in the next couple of years.

Region IV (DC, DE, MD, VA, VI, WV)

Baltimore is the metropolitan of this province with the suffragans of Arlington (VA), Richmond (VA), Wheeling-Charleston (WV), and Wilmington (DE).

The ordinaries of the suffragans: Bishop Loverde (71), Bishop DiLorenzo (69), Bishop Bransfield (68), and Bishop Malooly (67), respectively.

The province has two auxiliary bishops, both for Baltimore: Bishops Madden (71) and Rozanski (53).

The archdiocese is vacant and will likely receive its new archbishop this year.

Bishops Rozanski and Bransfield are at an age and length of service that makes them likely to be considered for other roles.

No other changes appear likely in this province in the coming year.

The metropolitan is Washington and it has one suffragan diocese: St Thomas.

The ordinaries are, respectively: Cardinal Wuerl (71) and Bishop Bevard (65).

Washington has three active auxiliaries: Bishops González Valer (72), Holley (57) and Knestout (49).

No changes seem likely this year.

The military ordinariate for the USA is led by Archbishop Broglio (60) with four auxiliaries: Bishops Buckon (58), Estabrook (67), Higgins (67), and Spencer (60).

Both Bishops Estabrook and Higgins are at an age and length of service that makes them likely to be considered for other roles.
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