02 January 2012

Overview: I (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) & II (NY)

Region I (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

This province is composed of the metropolitan, Boston, plus its six suffragan dioceses: Burlington (VT), Fall River (MA), Manchester (NH), Portland (ME), Springfield (MA), and Worcester (MA).

The ordinaries are: Cardinal O'Malley (67), Bishop Matano (65), Bishop Coleman (72), Bishop Libasci (60), Bishop Malone (65), Bishop McDonnell (74), and Bishop McManus (60), respectively.

Manchester has one auxiliary: Bishop Christian (69). Boston has 5 active auxiliaries: Bishops Dooher (68), Edyvean (73), Hennessey (59), Kennedy (69) and Uglietto (60).

Bishop McDonnell will reach the normal retirement age at the end of the year and is likely to retire and have a replacement named by early next year.

Bishops Malone and McManus are at an age and length of service that they might be considered for other roles.

No other changes seem likely this year.

Hartford is the metropolitan with Bridgeport, Norwich, and Providence as its suffragans.

The ordinaries are: Archbishop Mansell (74), Bishop Lori (60), Bishop Cote (62), and Bishop Tobin (63), respectively.

Both Hartford and Providence have an auxiliary: Bishops Macaluso (66) and Evans (64), respectively.

Archbishop Mansell reaches the normal retirement age in October. He also celebrates 20 years as a bishop in January 2013. He is likely to retire and have his replacement named in the next year or so.

Bishop Tobin will also celebrate 20 years as a bishop (in December) and Bishop Macaluso will celebrate 15 years (in June) this year.

Given the ages and lengths of service of Bishops Macaluso, Lori, Cote, and Tobin all are likely to be considered for other roles, including, perhaps, replacing Archbishop Mansell.

Region II (NY)

The province is composed of New York, the metropolitan, and seven suffragan dioceses: Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Ogdensburg, Rochester, Rockville Center, and Syracuse.

The ordinaries are: Archbishop Dolan (61), Bishop Hubbard (73), Bishop DiMarzio (67), Bishop Kmiec (75), Bishop LaValley (55), Bishop Clark (74), Bishop Murphy (71), and Bishop Cunningham (68), respectively.

New York has four active auxiliaries: Bishops Iriondo (73), Lagonegro (68), Sullivan (66), and Walsh (69).

Brooklyn has two auxiliaries: Bishops Caggiano (52) and Cisneros (66).

Buffalo has one auxiliary: Bishop Grosz (66).

Rockville Centre has two auxiliaries: Bishops Dunne (74) and Walsh (74).

One of the big open questions this year is whether Archbishop Dolan will receive a red hat. I suspect that he will. If not this year, then in 2014.

Bishop Kmiec reached the normal retirement age last year. Bishop Clark will reach that age this summer. Both of their retirements and the naming of replacements is likely this year.

In addition both Bishops Dunne and Walsh will reach the normal retirement age and will likely also retire this year.

Bishops Iriondo and Hubbard will reach that age and likely retire in 2013.

Bishops Lagonegro, Sullivan, Walsh, and DiMarzio are both at an age and length of service that makes them likely to be considered for other roles.

Bishop Hubbard will celebrate 35 years as a bishop (in March) and Bishop Kmiec will celebrate 30 years (in November) this year.
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