02 January 2012

Overview of the Overviews, 2012

I have finished the overviews of the Latin-Rite Provinces of the USA. These overviews were written over the last week and are looking over the next year or two, roughly through the end of 2013.

Here is a post providing some notes on my thinking on this process.

Archbishop ViganĂ² was named Apostolic Nuncio to the USA last October and he will celebrate 20 years as a bishop in April. Since he arrived there have only been 2 USA appointments: Bishop Ochoa to Fresno and Fr. Steenson as head of the newly Personal Ordinariate.

Two other factors that may influence the timing of some appointments are the on going Ad Limina visits of USA bishops and the likely Consistory to create new Cardinals.

The organization remains the same as last year: first by USCCB region (two regions per post), and then by province.

Here is a quick list of all the overviews:
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