05 January 2008

Overview: Province of Alabama and Mississippi

This province contains the metropolitan Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama along with the suffragan Dioceses of: Biloxi, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; and Jackson, Mississippi.

The Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama is led by Archbishop Oscar Hugh Lipscomb (76). He has served in that post for 27 years and will very likely retire and have a replacement named this year.

Bishop Thomas John Rodi (58) is the leader of the Diocese of Biloxi. He has been serving in that role for 6 years.

The Diocese of Birmingham received its new ordinary, Bishop Robert Joseph Baker (63) this past year.

Bishop Joseph Nunzio Latino (70) has been serving as the Bishop of Jackson for almost 5 years.

After the extended vacancy (over 2 years) of the Diocese of Birmingham, one would hope the wait for an new Archbishop to replace the retiring Archbishop Lipscomb won't be nearly as long. I would anticipate that change early this year.

The only other change that one might foresee is Bishop Rodi being considered for other posts.
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