01 January 2008

USA Anniversaries - January 2008

If folks are interested, I'll try to post these each month. All the birthdays are listed, but only "major" anniversaries (i.e., ends in 0 or 5) are included.

(number of years/day in January 2008)


  • 87/9: Archbishop George Hamilton Pearce, S. M., Emeritus of Suva, Fiji, Pacific (Oceania) (born in Brighton, MA)
  • 85/7: Archbishop Joseph Thomas Dimino, Emeritus of the USA Military
  • 84/24: Bishop William Jerome McCormack, Auxiliary Emeritus of New York
  • 81/12: Archbishop Francis Thomas Hurley, Emeritus of Anchorage, AK
  • 79/17: Bishop George Otto Wirz, Auxiliary Emeritus of Madison, WI
  • 78/21: Bishop John Patrick Boles, Auxiliary Emeritus of Boston, MA
  • 78/26: Bishop Thomas John Gumbleton, Auxiliary Emeritus of Detroit, MI
  • 77/25: Archbishop Joseph Anthony Fiorenza, Emeritus of Galveston-Houston, TX
  • 76/19: Bishop John Joseph Nevins, Emeritus of Venice, FL
  • 75/9: Father Edmund F. McCaffrey, O.S.B., Abbot Emeritus of Belmont-Mary Help of Christians, NC
  • 75/17: Bishop Michael Angelo Saltarelli, Wilmington, DE
  • 74/9: Bishop Francis Xavier Irwin, Auxiliary of Boston, MA
  • 74/12: Bishop Edmond Carmody, Corpus Christi, TX
  • 74/17: Archbishop Alexander Joseph Brunett, Seattle, WA
  • 71/16: Francis Eugene Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago, IL
  • 69/26: Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros, S.M.S.P., Bishop of Newton (Our Lady of the Annunciation in Boston) (Melkite)
  • 68/11: Bishop Gerald Nicholas Dino, Van Nuys (Ruthenian), CA
  • 65/17: Bishop Thomas John Curry, Auxiliary of Los Angeles, CA
  • 65/25: Bishop Daniel Thomas Turley Murphy, O.S.A., Chulucanas, Peru (born in Chicago, IL)
  • 64/18: Bishop William Francis Malooly, Auxiliary of Baltimore, MA
  • 61/17: Bishop David Raymond Choby, Nashville, TN
  • 61/21: Bishop Thomas James Olmsted, Phoenix, AZ
  • 58/4: Bishop Gerald Michael Barbarito, Palm Beach, FL
  • 49/21: Bishop Miguel Romano Gómez, Auxiliary of Guadalajara, México (born in El Paso, TX)

Ordination to the Priesthood:

  • 55/24: Bishop John Stephen Cummins, Emeritus of Oakland, CA
  • 50/6: Bishop George Edward Rueger, Auxiliary Emeritus of Worcester, MA
  • 20/30: Bishop Daniel Ernest Flores, Auxiliary of Detroit, MI

Consecration as a Bishop:

  • 35/28: Bishop Joseph Lawson Howze, Emeritus of Biloxi, MS
  • The following 3 were consecrated in the same ceremony:

    • 25/27: Bishop Patrick Ronald Cooney, Gaylord, MI
    • 25/27: Bishop Moses Bosco Anderson, S.S.E., Auxiliary Emeritus of Detroit, MI
    • 25/27: Bishop Dale Joseph Melczek, Gary, IN

  • 20/25: Bishop John Mortimer Fourette Smith, Trenton, NJ
  • 15/6: Archbishop Henry Joseph Mansell, Hartford, CT
  • 10/21: Bishop Gerald Eugene Wilkerson, Auxiliary of Los Angeles, CA
  • 10/27: Bishop James Albert Murray, Kalamazoo, MI
  • 10/28: Bishop Richard John Garcia, Monterey in California
  • 5/30: Bishop Ignatius Chung Wang, Auxiliary of San Francisco, CA

Ad Multos Annos!
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