26 February 2008

Overview: Province of Arizona and New Mexico

The province is composed of the metropolitan, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, along with its 4 suffragan dioceses: Gallup, Las Cruces, Phoenix, and Tucson. The first two are in New Mexico, the latter two cover the state of Arizona.

Archbishop Michael Jarboe Sheehan (68) is the ordinary of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. He will celebrate 25 years as a bishop this summer.

The Diocese of Gallup has Bishop Donald Edmond Pelotte, S.S.S. (62) as its ordinary. Bishop Olmsted (see below) is currently serving as Apostolic Administrator of the diocese. This unusual situation may suggest that a change will be coming to this diocese in the relatively near future (this year or next).

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, C.S.B. (71) is the first ordinary of the Diocese of Las Cruces. He has held this post for 25 years.

The Diocese of Phoenix is led by Bishop Thomas James Olmsted (61). He has held this post for 4 years.

Bishop Gerald Frederick Kicanas (66) is the head of the Diocese of Tucson. His 5th anniversary of succeeding to this post is less than a fortnight from now.

While there is no obvious immediate change due in the hierarchy of this province, there are several possibilities. The extremely unusual situation in the Diocese of Gallup certainly suggests that a change might be coming there. In addition, both Bishops Olmsted and Kicanas are at an age and length of service that they might be considered for other posts. Although in this case, the length of time in their current posts is on the short end of the common range.
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