01 February 2008

USA Anniversaries - February 2008

If folks are interested, I'll try to post these each month. All the birthdays are listed, but only "major" anniversaries (i.e., ends in 0 or 5) are included.
(number of years/day in February 2008)

  • 86/21: Bishop Louis Anthony DeSimone; Auxiliary Emeritus of Philadelphia, PA
  • 86/21: Bishop Norman Francis McFarland; Emeritus of Orange, CA
  • 85/14: Bishop Mark Francis Schmitt; Emeritus of Marquette, MI
  • 80/26: Bishop Robert Joseph Banks; Emeritus of Green Bay, WI
  • 79/23: Bishop Thomas Joseph Costello; Auxiliary Emeritus of Syracuse, NY
  • 78/3: Bishop David Edward Foley; Emeritus of Birmingham, AL
  • 78/15: Bishop Robert Edward Mulvee; Emeritus of Providence, RI
  • 78/28: Bishop Robert John Rose; Emeritus of Grand Rapids, MI
  • 77/14: Bishop Henry Theophilus Howaniec, O.F.M.; of Santissima Trinità in Almaty, Kazakhstan (born in Chicago, IL)
  • 76/8: Bishop Raymond James Boland; Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, MO
  • 74/19: Bishop Raymundo Joseph Peña; of Brownsville, TX
  • 74/27: Bishop Ignatius Chung Wang; Auxiliary of San Francisco, CA
  • 73/13: Bishop Gilberto Fernández; Auxiliary Emeritus of Miami, FL
  • 73/13: Bishop Peter Anthony Rosazza; Auxiliary of Hartford, CT
  • 73/18: Bishop Emilio Simeon Alluè, S.D.B.; Auxiliary of Boston, MA
  • 72/20: Bishop Thomas George Doran; of Rockford, IL
  • 72/27: Roger Michael Cardinal Mahony; of Los Angeles, CA
  • 71/22: Archbishop John George Vlazny; of Portland, OR
  • 69/1: Bishop George William Coleman; of Fall River, MA
  • 68/29: Bishop John Huston Ricard, S.S.J.; of Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL
  • 65/12: Bishop Richard Edmund Pates; Auxiliary of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN
  • 64/22: Bishop Richard Brendan Higgins; Auxiliary of the Military Archdiocese
  • 63/16: Bishop Edward Michael Grosz; Auxiliary of Buffalo, NY
  • 62/5: Bishop Felipe de Jesús Estevez; Auxiliary of Miami, FL
  • 58/6: Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan; of Milwaukee, WI
  • 57/26: Bishop John Gerard Noonan; Auxiliary of Miami, FL
  • 54/23: Bishop Hlib Lonchyna, M.S.U.; Auxiliary of Lviv (Ukrainian) (born in Steubenville, OH)

Ordination to the Priesthood:

  • 65/24: Bishop Bernard Ferdinand Popp; Auxiliary Emeritus of San Antonio, TX
  • 55/28: Bishop Gilbert Ignatius Sheldon; Emeritus of Steubenville, OH
  • 45/2: Bishop John Francis Kinney; of Saint Cloud, MN

Consecration as a Bishop:

  • 35/2: Bishop John Joseph Snyder; Emeritus of Saint Augustine, FL
  • 30/28: Bishop Frank Joseph Rodimer; Emeritus of Paterson, NJ
  • 20/19: Bishop Curtis John Guillory, S.V.D.; of Beaumont, TX
  • 15/11: Bishop Dominic Carmon, S.V.D.; Auxiliary Emeritus of New Orleans, LA
  • The following 2 were consecrated in the same ceremony:

    • 10/16: Bishop Thomas Joseph Flanagan; Auxiliary Emeritus of San Antonio, TX
    • 10/16: Bishop Patrick James Zurek; of Amarillo, TX

  • 5/22: Bishop Ronald William Gainer; of Lexington, KY

Ad Multos Annos!
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