26 December 2007

Overview: Province of Colorado and Wyoming

This province consists of the metropolitan Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado along with its suffragans, namely: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.

Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. (63) has been the ordinary for over 10 years. His predecessor, Cardinal Stafford, departed shortly after reaching the 10 year mark for other service in Rome. While that is also a possibility for Archbishop Chaput - as well as the possibility of being appointed to another diocese - nothing is currently expected.

The Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming is led by Bishop David Laurin Ricken (55). He celebrates his 8th anniversary of consecration as a bishop in about 10 days. The diocese has not had an ordinary appointed to another diocese since 1911, but Bishop Ricken could break that streak. If that were to happen, it would likely be in the next several years.

Bishop Michael John Sheridan (62) is the head of the Diocese of Colorado Springs. He has been in that position for almost 4 years.

The Diocese of Pueblo, Colorado has Bishop Arthur Nicholas Tafoya as its ordinary. Bishop Tafoya reaches the normal retirement age of 75 in March 2008. Given the current backlog of appointments, his retirement and the naming of a replacement might be delayed. But it is likely to happen in the next year or two.

Overall, this province is not likely to see many changes - with the exception of Pueblo. Although there are a couple of ordinaries that are at an age where they may be candidates for other dioceses.
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