28 December 2007

Overview: Province of SE Texas

This province, the newest in the USA, has seen a lot in its 3 years of existence (the anniversary is Saturday). The metropolitan is the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston with the following suffragans: Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Tyler, and Victoria; all in the state of Texas.

Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo (58), the newest Cardinal in the USA (just over a month), serves as the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston. He has been the ordinary for less than 2 years.

The Diocese of Austin is led by Bishop Gregory Michael Aymond (58). He has been in that post for almost 7 years (the anniversary is next week). His age and time in his current post suggests that he may be a candidate for another diocese in the coming year. By chance, the ordinary of his home diocese (New Orleans) just recently passed the normal retirement age.

Bishop Curtis John Guillory, S.V.D. (64) is the leader of the Diocese of Beaumont. He celebrated 35 years as a priest earlier this month and will celebrate 20 years as a bishop in February. His age and time in post also suggests that he might be a candidate for other dioceses.

The Diocese of Brownsville has Bishop Raymundo Joseph Peña (73) as its ordinary. He recently celebrated 31 years as a bishop and 50 years as a priest.

Bishop Edmond Carmody is the ordinary of the Diocese of Corpus Christi - and he celebrates his 74th birthday in about a fortnight.

The Diocese of Tyler is led by Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio, S.J. (65). He has been in his current post for roughly 8 years. If he were to be moved to another diocese, it would likely be sooner than later.

Bishop David Eugene Fellhauer (68) is the head of the Diocese of Victoria in Texas. He is just the 2nd ordinary of this diocese and he's likely to remain here.

Overall the province has seen an amazing amount of changes in the last decade. And while the coming year may not see many changes, there are 2 dioceses that will need bishops in the next couple of years. There is also the possibility that one or more of the current ordinaries will be promoted to other posts.
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