20 December 2009

Overview: Province of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

The province's metropolitan is Baltimore with suffragans in Arlington, Richmond, Wheeling-Charleston, and Wilmington.

Archbishop Edwin Frederick O'Brien (70) is the head of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland. He is likely to be named a Cardinal eventually, but probably not until after Cardinal Keeler turns 80 in 2011 (thus loses his right to vote if a conclave were needed). Thus if there is a consistory to create cardinals this coming year, his name will likely be missing.

The Archdiocese has two Auxiliary Bishops: Denis James Madden (who turns 70 this coming year) and Mitchell Thomas Rozanski (51). Bishop Rozanski celebrated 25 years as a priest about a month ago. His age and length of service makes him a likely candidate for other posts in the next few years.

The diocese of Arlington, Virginia is lead by Bishop Paul Stephen Loverde (69). He is likely to remain at his current post.

Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo (67) is the ordinary of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. He has served in two other dioceses (Scranton and Honolulu) before arriving here. The diocese has not had an ordinary move onto another diocese since then-Bishop (later Cardinal) James Gibbons in 1877. If Bishop DiLorenzo were to break that trend, it would likely be in the next year or two.

Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia is been headed by Bishop Michael Joseph Bransfield (66). He will celebrate his 5th anniversary of being ordained a bishop in February.

Bishop William Francis Malooly, Bishop of Wilmington, Delaware, turns 66 in January. He is likely to remain at his current post.

This province is not likely to see any changes in its hierarchy in the coming year or two, with the possible exceptions of Bishops Rozanski and DiLorenzo.
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