20 December 2009

Overview: Province of New Jersey

This province is composed of the metropolitan, the Archdiocese of Newark, and its suffragan Dioceses of: Camden, Metuchen, Paterson, and Trenton; all in the state of New Jersey.

Archbishop John Joseph Myers (68) is the ordinary of the Archdiocese of Newark. The archdiocese also has four active auxiliary bishops: Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz (56), Bishop Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V. (52), Bishop Gaetano Aldo (Thomas) Donato (69), and Bishop John Walter Flesey (67).

The Diocese of Camden is led by Bishop Joseph Anthony Galante (71). He celebrated 45 years as a priest last May.

Bishop Paul Gregory Bootkoski (69) is the head of the Diocese of Metuchen.

The Diocese of Paterson has as its ordinary Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli (65).

Bishop John Mortimer Fourette Smith is the leader of the Diocese of Trenton. He will reach the normal retirement age of 75 next June. His retirement and the naming of his replacement will likely occur in the next year or so.

Other than the last bishop mentioned, no other changes seem likely in this province in the next year or so. After that, however, several of the ordinaries and auxiliaries will have reached a length of time in their post when they become more likely to be considered for other appointments.
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