20 December 2009

Overview: Province of Ohio

This province consists of the metropolitan Archdiocese of Cincinnati along with its suffragan dioceses, namely: Cleveland, Columbus, Steubenville, Toledo, and Youngstown.

Archbishop Daniel Edward Pilarczyk (75) leads the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio. Today he celebrated 50 years as a priest and 35 years as a bishop. He has had a coadjutor for a bit over a year, Archbishop Dennis Marion Schnurr (61). I would not be surprized if Archbishop Pilarczyk retired before the end of this year, or perhaps early next year.

The Diocese of Cleveland is currently led by Bishop Richard Gerard Lennon (62). He served as a priest and then Auxiliary Bishop of Boston before becoming the ordinary here in 2006. Bishop Roger William Gries, O.S.B. (72) serves as an Auxiliary Bishop. Neither is likely to be transferred in the coming year or two.

Bishop Frederick Francis Campbell (66) is the ordinary of the Diocese of Columbus. He will celebrate 30 years as a priest in May. He is at an age and length of service will he may will be considered for other posts.

The Diocese of Steubenville is headed by Bishop Robert Daniel Conlon who turned 61 earlier this month. While the diocese has never had an ordinary appointed to another diocese, he could easily be the first, and in the next year or two.

Bishop Leonard Paul Blair (60) leads the Diocese of Toledo. He celebrated 10 years as a bishop this past August. He also could be considered a candidate for other posts.

The Diocese of Youngstown had Bishop George Vance Murry, S.J. as the ordinary. He turns 61 later this month.

This province is very likely to see changes to its hierarchy in the coming year, not only in Cincinnati, but with one or more of the suffragan bishops likely to be considered for other positions.

P.S. The day after the above post was written, Archbishop Pilarczyk retired and Archbishop Schnurr succeeded him.
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