20 December 2009

Overview: Province of New York

The province has as its metropolitan the Archdiocese of New York. It also has 7 suffragan Dioceses, all in the state of New York, namely: Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Ogdensburg, Rochester, Rockville Centre, and Syracuse.

Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan (59) serves as the Archbishop of New York. His predecessor, Edward Michael Cardinal Egan, is 77 - meaning he doesn't lose his vote in a conclave until 2012. Which suggests that Archbishop Dolan will not receive a red hat in 2010.

The Archdiocese also has 4 active Auxiliary Bishops: Bishop Josu Iriondo (71), Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro (66), Bishop Dennis Joseph Sullivan (64), and Bishop Gerald Thomas Walsh (67). Of those, Bishop Lagonegro seems the most likely to be considered for another appointment in the next year or two.

The Diocese of Albany is led by Bishop Howard James Hubbard (71). Like all but one of his predecessors, he is likely to remain in that see.

Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio (65) is the head of the Diocese of Brooklyn. The diocese also has four active auxiliary bishops: Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano (50), Bishop Ignatius Anthony Catanello (71), Bishop Octavio Cisneros (64), and Bishop Guy A. Sansaricq (75). The retirement of the last bishop on that list is likely in the next year or two.

The Diocese of Buffalo is headed by Bishop Edward Urban Kmiec (73). He is assisted by Auxiliary Bishop Edward Michael Grosz (64) who may be considered a candidate for another post this year. He will also celebrate 20 years as a bishop in February.

The Diocese of Ogdensburg is currently vacant. It is very likely to receive its new bishop in the coming year.

The Diocese of Rochester is led by Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark (72). He celebrated 30 years as a priest last May.

Bishop William Francis Murphy (69) is the head of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Last week he celebrated 45 years as a priest.

The diocese also has three active auxiliary bishops: Bishop John Charles Dunne (72), Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci (58), and Bishop Paul Henry Walsh (72).

The Diocese of Syracuse has as its ordinary Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham (66). He celebrated 40 years as a priest last May.

Other than filling the vacancy and the retirement of an auxiliary, this province isn't likely to see many changes in the next year or two. However, in the next few years after that 3 ordinaries and 4 more auxiliaries will reach the retirement age.
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