21 December 2009

Overview: Province of NW Texas

The province's metropolitan is the Archdiocese of San Antonio. It has 7 suffragan dioceses: Amarillo, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Laredo,
Lubbock, and San Angelo; all in the state of Texas.

Archbishop José Horacio Gómez is the ordinary of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. He turns 58 later this week. The archdiocese also has an active auxiliary bishop: Bishop Oscar Cantú (43).

The Diocese of Amarillo has Bishop Patrick James Zurek (61) as its ordinary. He will celebrate 35 years as a priest in June.

Bishop Kevin Joseph Farrell (62) is the head of the Diocese of Dallas.

The Diocese of El Paso has as its ordinary Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa (66). His 40th anniversary of ordination as a priest is in May.

Bishop Kevin William Vann (58) is the leader of the Diocese of Fort Worth. He will celebrate 5 years as a bishop in July.

The Diocese of Laredo is led by Bishop James Anthony Tamayo (60). He is at an age and length of service where he is likely to be considered for other posts.

Bishop Plácido Rodriguez, C.M.F. (69) is the ordinary of the Diocese of Lubbock.

The Diocese of San Angelo is headed by Bishop Michael David Pfeifer, O.M.I. (72). Today is his 45th anniversary of becoming a priest. His 25th anniversary of being consecrated a bishop is in July.

This province is not likely to see any major changes in the next year or two with the possible exception of Bishop Tamayo as noted earlier.
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